products and services


Product is designed to allow customers to support the clients by purchasing a one-off lottery ticket in the major prize draw.



Product is designed to allow customer’s to support the client’s by purchasing a trade promotion via a digital platform or physical product and then in turn they receive an entry into a major prize draw for free.



This product is designed for allowing customers to continue supporting the clients on a monthly basis and allowing the client to build a long term relationship with that customer.



Not-for-profit and sport organisations use many methods to find new customers, including direct mail, email, media advertising, tele-marketing and of course, face-to-face direct marketing.

Why face-to-face?

Face-to-face fundraising is one of the most widely-used and can be the most cost-effective method of finding customers, which is why it is used by some of the biggest brands.

Face-to-face gives potential customers the opportunity to meet and talk directly to someone in person and allows organisations to engage with people they have not previously reached.

We don’t ask one group of people for a lot of support, we ask a lot of people for a little bit of support.