What we do

How we can help increase brand awareness and fundraise for your organisation

The not-for-profit and sporting organisation sector use many methods to find new customers/ donors. Some of these methods are; direct mail, email, media advertising, telemarketing and face-to-face direct marketing.

Why face-to-face?

Face-to-face marketing is one of the most widely used and can be an extremely cost-effective method of finding new customers/ donors, which is why it is used by some of the most well-known organisations.

Pending the amount of sales agents engaged in selling, this concept of face to face advertising creates mass advocacy and exposure with out the traditional advertising cost associated to promoting the clients brand.

One off Lotteries

This is one of our speciality products and is designed to allow customers to support our client/ organisation (that we are representing) by purchasing a one-off lottery ticket that is then entered into a major prize draw.

Trade Promotions

Our trade promotion product is designed to allow customers to support our client/ organisation (that we are representing). The mechanics are quite simple- by purchasing a trade promotion via a digital platform or physical product they receive an entry into a major prize draw for free.

Ongoing Lotteries

One of our most successful products. Our Ongoing Lottery product is designed for customers to continue supporting our clients/ organisations (that we represent) on a monthly basis, our clients can build brand loyalty and long-term relationships with the individual customer.

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