Our Point of Difference

Adflex offers our clients and contracted marketing companies a unique service in the industry. Our service includes but its not limited to …Click to reveal answers below



  • The Director & team at Adflex have more than 20 years experience in face to face sales and marketing, representing some of the largest sporting and charity organisations in the country.


  • You will find the team to be of the best of the best in the sector for sales, compliance, business product creativity and administration.


  • At Adflex the sales team and relationships allows your brand to be kept small and local or span the country and beyond. It has access to one of the largest sales distribution networks in the country.


  • The team has experience and access to be able to sell many different fundraising products your organisation has to offer. Call to find out what we can do for you


  • Flexible and professional are at the very core of Adflex.

  • To ensure all parties connected to the Adflex brand have a safe and supportive work environment, Adflex has developed a series of policies to reflect this, and requires all marketing companies that have agreements with Adflex to incorporate these policies into their own workplace.


  • Adflex is a member of the FIA and comply with ACCC, Consumer Affair, State Gaming and Racing and Fundrasing legislation and regulations as required.


  • Verification of customers details

  • Manage inbound line

  • Investigations

  • Sales calls


  • Shopping centre, airport, special event bookings

  • Centre relationships

  • Permits


  • Campaign set up and maintenance

  • Processing of customers

  • Validation checks

  • Status or cancellation reports

  • Invoice and credit confirmations

  • Territory management

  • Council permits

  • Vetting and creating badges

  • Complaints management

  • Reporting / analysis


  • PCI-DSS materials

  • Information on legislation

  • Mediation

  • Customer service advice

  • Work Health and Safety

  • Anti- Bullying and Harassment

  • Anti- Discrimination

  • Investigation

  • Site Safety and Consultation

  • Vulnerable Person

  • Privacy


  • Sales materials

  • Promotional materials

  • Event site materials

  • Comms / social media

  • Branding


  • Develop systems for processing

  • Develop reporting

  • Management of IPADs

  • Set up campaign on POS software

  • ID Badge platform

  • Forecasting

  • POS software


  • Business development

  • Client management

  • Negotiations

  • Staff mentoring

  • Proposals

  • Business Support


  • Periodic reviews are conducted at Adflex and all its sub-contracting agencies it engages to ensure best practices are being maintained and developed constantly. Audits are done both by internal and external parties. We also welcome the clients we engage to conduct their own audits to help maintain the correct values and cultures.


  • The word Adflex is been derived from, an advert that can be made Flexible, using the power of the human touch.

  • At Adflex we strive for a service by saying “what-ever you need, lets work out a way we can”

Adflex prides itself on being engaging with its clients