How we fundraise

Increasing brand awareness and fundraising for your organisation

Our agency is designed to help charities and sporting organisations thrive. We provide the most efficient brand strategy powered by outbound and inbound marketing techniques to provide awareness and new customers for our client's businesses.

Face-to-Face Customer Acquisitions

  • Kiosk sales (temp/long term leasing)
  • Trade shows & festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Community residential sales
  • Business to consumer sales

Outbound Telesales

  • Field marketing lead generation
  • Previous supporter database
  • Purchased leads

Inbound Tele-Solutions

  • Welcome & verification calls
  • Reactivations
  • Inbound customer service

Brand Advocacy

  • Kiosk advertising
  • Charity literature handout 
  • Email direct marketing
  • Social media marketing

Lead / Data Generation

  • Lead generation
  • Database build & management
  • Digital product solutions
  • Instant customer information platform (Adflex Fundraising Rewards)