Surf Life Saving Foundation

Adflex have fast become an important partner in the growth and evolution of the Surf Life Saving Foundation lottery.
Together we have built a platform that allows Adflex to deliver positive outcomes for our business, built on two key foundations:
  • They have a professionally managed organisational and operational structure that means the team stay close to results and the feedback from the marketplace, allowing them to actively manage delivery
  • Collectively we invest in an understanding of our business, spending time to educate on our objectives and culture and adopt them within the Adflex teams.

Working with Adflex management, it's easy to forget we are dealing with a third party vendor, and just see them as an extension of our own organisation. Their commitment to a positive supporter experience is strong and always front and centre, and supported by great service, ongoing training and complaint resolution systems. Our mystery shopping of the teams continue to provide us with positive comments that show the dedication to service and our brand.
Overall, we've been very happy to have Adflex and their team carry our brand out in the community, and help us in our purpose to help make Australian beaches safer.
John Devaney - Lottery Manager